Enhancing Value Through Fit

The Kessler Group has deep-rooted, senior relationships and proven expertise with all of the top providers and networks. This allows us to identify and structure collaborative opportunities that will enhance the partnership value for all. After decades spent developing over 6,000 partnership programs, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients form and optimize long-lasting relationships that create meaningful value.

End-to-End Support

KG can help find the optimal fit based on our clients’ goals, brands, and target markets. We work side by side with all parties every step of the way – facilitating the finalization of contracts, the development of business and marketing plans, and the creation of insightful strategies and delivery models to ensure mutually beneficial partnerships.

A True Partnership

KG typically ties its compensation to performance rather than fees for service. Clients value our results-driven, shared-risk approach to drive long-term value and establish mutual alignment.

We specialize in consumer loans and payments products, including:

  • Consumer credit products: credit cards and loans
  • Retail banking products: checking, debit and other DDAs
  • Insurance Products
  • Merchant Acquiring

We create partnerships with and between:

  • Large Retail Banks
  • Mid-market FIs: Regional Banks and Credit Unions
  • Brokerage and Investment Firms
  • Alternative Finance and FinTech
  • Retailers
  • Travel and Entertainment Companies
  • Merchant Providers
  • Unions and Occupational Groups
  • Colleges and Universities, Membership Organizations, Charities and many others