Portfolio Investment Platform

KG has leveraged its 40+ years of experience in advisory and transactional services to build a card investment management platform that enables our bank clients to de-risk their portfolios and redeploy capital.  KG has already purchased over $1B in credit card assets, primarily higher loss portions of card portfolios and defunct retailer card programs.

  • KG sources, underwrites, negotiates, structures and manages credit card investment opportunities
  • Banks may retain servicing, enabling continued customer service and access to ongoing loyalty programs
  • KG partners with leading banks and institutional investors to fund portfolios we source, including the development of customized financing structures

Portfolio Advisory Services

The Kessler Group’s Portfolio Advisory team has a decades-long, industry-leading track record in successfully advising and transacting nearly $100 billion in credit card assets and over 500 individual transactions. We are expert in negotiating and designing win-win-win outcomes for the partner, the old issuer, and the new issuer of partner-branded portfolios.

Our advisory services include:

  • Program Optimization
  • Partner Selection Process and Execution
  • Contract Negotiations and Structures
  • Program Transition Strategies and Execution
  • Issuer Re-entry Strategies

Our transactional services include:

  • Portfolio Valuation and Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Negotiations
  • Interim Servicing Agreement Negotiations