Credit Card Portfolio

The Kessler Group’s Portfolio Advisory team has a decades-long, industry-leading track record in successfully advising and transacting nearly $100 billion in credit card assets and over 500 individual transactions. We are expert in negotiating and designing win-win-win outcomes for the partner, the old issuer, and the new issuer of partner-branded portfolios.

Merchant Portfolios

The Kessler Group’s Merchant Acquiring team has created over 125 bank partnerships by outsourcing small/regional banks’ in-house programs to a major industry processor, including the transfer of pre-existing merchant portfolios from the banks to our client. These transactions represent over $20 billion in annual volume.

We listen carefully and take time to understand all parties’ objectives. Leveraging our deep knowledge of the payments space, we develop innovative solutions that deliver enduring partnerships and minimize the destruction of value that can occur in transferring portfolios.

Our advisory services include:

  1. Program Optimization
  2. Partner Selection Process and Execution
  3. Contract Negotiations and Structures
  4. Program Transition Strategies and Execution
  5. Issuer Re-entry Strategies.

Our transactional services include:

  1. Portfolio Valuation and Analysis
  2. Due Diligence
  3. Purchase and Sale Agreement Negotiations
  4. Interim Servicing Agreement Negotiations